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What we do

We comprehensively test appliances in accordance with the IEE code of practice for in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment using the latest computerised equipment. Common items we typically test include: PC’s, printers, photocopiers, fans, heaters, kettles, microwaves; typical of most offices or work places. Some of the less common items we’ve tested include: DJ equipment, Dental surgery’s, Optical eye test equipment, catering equipment & even a human roulette ride and bucking bronco rides.

Some examples of our clients can be seen here.

All items that pass inspection & testing are labelled with a sticker which will correspond to an appliance asset register and also a detailed test certificate. These will confirm that you have exercised a proper duty of care in the maintenance and inspection of electrical appliances. It will also indicate when the next test is required.

We recognise that this process could interrupt our clients operations, especially in a busy office or production area. To assist we can provide testing services outside of normal working hours & during weekends, often at no additional cost.